dendraphile (dendraphile) wrote,

Lifey life life

This morning, I took my kids to a play-date.

With a couple of crazy Jesus types and their tots.

This went about as well as you can imagine. I tried, oh LORD how I tried, to keep conversation natural, apolitical, and irreligious.

I failed.

Those Jesus mamas, all Texan housewives with their Chicago lawyer husbands... oh man, it was rough.

I'd write about it on my mommy blog, but they READ it! And I do want to try to play nice and all. Because I don't know any kids my kids' age, and I want them to make friends.

I might have to let that go though. I fucking hate other mothers. For the most part, anyway. Really- let's all ask the mom with the twins if she loves one kid more than the other. Sounds like a good way to kill an afternoon.

For real. I've met up with one of these ladies once before, so I'll give this group a third chance. But I'm not optimistic. Really, really, not optimistic.

That is all.
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