dendraphile (dendraphile) wrote,

Rocking. Hardcore.

I know this is probably very dull for you, but I felt like sharing.

What I did today:
1. Make my kids french toast for breakfast
2. Took the girls to a play-date
3. Wrote a Becoming SuperMommy post while the girls napped
4. Did 3 loads of laundry
5. Sorted through (mostly) three months of old mail/assorted paper
6. Did the dishes
7. Swept the dining room. Twice. (thanks, grublings)
8. Cleared the dining room table. A feat that hadn't been accomplished yet this year.
9. Sorted out baby toys from toddler toys, and removed holiday themed toys for winter holidays
10. Bagged up 3 bags of garbage from around the house, 3 bags of recycling, and broke down about a billion cardboard boxes (now crammed into one box) to be recycled
11. Cleared up about half of the kitchen counters
12. Made dinner (out of a box tonight, but it was just for me so whatever)
13. Got featured on a MAJOR mom-blog network
14. Watered tomato plant
15. Collected and sorted/folded the week's diapers
16. Emptied/reloaded/ran dishwasher
17. Killed several of the ants trying to move into the grublings' room

What I didn't do today:
1. Shower
2. Bathe my children
3. MOP the dining room floor
4. Sweep any other room
5. Take out trash/recycling
6. Cat box
7. Nap
8. Water other plants
9. Reschedule appt from Saturday to next weekend
10. Schedule the massage a good friend got me for my birthday (which was last month)
11. 3 more loads of laundry
12. Put away laundry

What I still might do today:
1. Change sheets
2. Watch last week's "The Office" (Please don't spoil it for me!)
3. Read "Fables"
4. Sweep hallway/foyer
5. Put away some laundry

Undoubtedly my most productive day all year. Screw school.
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