dendraphile (dendraphile) wrote,


Got an email yesterday.

Some friends are getting divorced.

I've reached a point where nearly all my friends have paired off and essentially (if not legally) married.  This makes couple number two to split.

It was weird to be in a place where my friends were getting married.

It felt weird to be in a place where I was getting married.

It feels weird to be in a place where I'm having kids.

It feels weird to be in a place where my friends are having kids.

But it feels weirder than all that other stuff to be in a place in my life where my friends are getting divorces.  That's just a whole additional leap into accepting that I live in a stage of life I didn't expect to actually reach.  Because you know, being an adolescent is all about perpetual adolescence.

When do I get over that part?  When does it start feeling like every weird thing that happens to the people I know is just the stuff that's happening, and doesn't seem to signal some wave of change that will make everything different again?

...or does that pretty much describe all of life?
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