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Yesterday was a good day

I know, it seems I almost only post tales of woe. But here's something good... yesterday!

First, thanks to the Guatemalan student who performs my oral Spanish exams en español on Skype, it looks like I just might pass my Spanish class. Turns out when I mentioned my blog last time around, he read it and he LOVES it. So now he's my new Guatemalan/Egyptian Jewish friend. Interesting dude.

Secondly, my OB was completely cooperative about my skipping the glucose intolerance test. I actually had a 28 minute long doctor's appointment yesterday. So pleasant!

Thirdly, I got a job offer! For real! My capstone project (sort of like a senior thesis) involves getting grant money for this local non-profit... and the grant money is going to be used to hire a full time volunteer coordinator. In November. You know, once I've spent the whole summer and most of the fall recovering from Baby X's arrival, and the girls have a pre-school routine. And they want me for the job! Salary! Benefits! A flexible schedule that allows telecommuting! A DAYCARE IN THE BUILDING! People I like! A job I can be really GOOD at!

I'm pretty thrilled. Now all I have to do is get them the funding. Which, as the executive director says, he's already got covered and he just has me and my team working on it for the educational experience.

So... yeah. Yesterday was a good day. :)
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